here we go again…

It has been awhile since I was actively working on a website. I have done various versions of blogs before. But, the past few years and all of the turmoil that has been brewing in the world and in this country in particular, has had me thinking about all of the things in this world that are important and meaning full to me.

One of the things, in line with the idea of not being part of the problem, and becoming part of the solution-was moving away from social media. To not have what I write or say live on Facebook or in my twitter feed or on Instagram. That, perhaps the best use of that energy is in creating my own content feed again.

So, this is the return to that. The formatting still needs to be worked on. I still need to clean up the old posts a bit. But, if you give be a bit of time – I hope to clean it all up shortly – using the
“Covid Times” to get things in order.

I will still post and cross post this to FB and other spots as I make the transition. It’s my intention to move the majority of my posts to my own website. I think it is a good step in trying to release some of the control that we have turned over to others in the world.

Its easy to stay in touch with what I’m posting without having to check back all the time – If you click on the follow button – You can get an email update when new content or pictures are posted.

Of course – would love to hear your thoughts about all this in the comments or in direct messages when you can!.

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